Anonymous said: Instead of calling me an idiot, why don't you explain why I'm wrong? Marvel's target audience is young adult males.

i find it hilarious that to me you have no identity

but to you you do

so i hurt your feelings

isn’t that funny

i think thats funny

especially because i was making a joke but anyway

it’s like the naming the pencil breaking the pencil analogy. oh, humans. 

Maybe you’re confusing Marvel with DC, because their heads have yet to come out and make themselves look like assholes by saying “only dudes are reading our shit.”

But estimates are that comic book readership is 40% female.

We all know that there’s massive problems with sexism in Marvel, just like in most comic books, just like in all the world. But with the popularity of the Avengers series of films that are currently out - now is the perfect time for them to do a test of something new - a female led super hero (let’s ignore elektra svp). 

The books are getting better and better, imo. Slowly less and less bull shit. And the book’s target demographics are not “boys” it’s EVERYONE THEY CAN CONVINCE TO READ THEIR BOOKS because you know, that’s how you make money. 

Also assuming that Marvel is “for guys” is shitty and marginalizes all of the not-guys who love Marvel stories. Additionally, when all of those not-guys say “hey! we’re here! we have requests and suggestions,” its extra shitty to try to shut them up by saying “this isn’t for you.”

And anyway, even if Jesus H Christ came down from his holy crib and decreed “marvel is for dudes,” like hey, don’t you guys have enough. 

anyway i feel a little bit bad for being mean but only a little bit, because like i said, naming the pencil.